Maps Show Where the Lava May Flow


The ways of steepest-plummet were figured from a 1983 advanced height display (DEM) of the Island of Hawai’i, made from digitized forms. Steepest-plunge way examination depends on the presumption that the DEM impeccably speaks to the world’s surface. DEMs, in any case, are not immaculate, so the blue lines on this guide can be utilized to derive just inexact magma stream ways. The base shaded-help outline produced using the 1983 10-m (DEM).

The British fighters will be intensely dependent on shielded transport, and they’re carrying two new vehicles with them: a 18-warrior transport truck (it can likewise convey supplies rather than troopers) and the FV510, a vigorously heavily clad infantry vehicle that gloats a muscular autocannon and an assault rifle. English infantry troopers will depend on the L85A2, a bullpup rifle that can switch between self-loader and full auto shoot modes.

The new group will show up on numerous maps, including the recently discharged Kamdesh Highlands, set in the far eastern piece of Afghanistan. It’s a hilly guide with various bungling streets and villas specked around.

Close by the L85A2 rifle, the diversion includes nine different weapons, a large portion of them adapted towards the new British powers. They incorporate a light automatic weapon, an expert rifleman rifle, and an explosive launcher.

The US Army gets another vehicle, as well: the M2A3 IFV, which is currently the most vigorously outfitted vehicle in the diversion. Its calling card is a TOW launcher that flames rockets that you can control in mid-air. The refresh additionally conveys bunches of mechanical changes to Squad, including more tightly draw back and snappier inclined to hunker speed. You can read about every one of the adjustments in the full fix notes.


Google Maps : voici à quoi ressemble l’app avec le nouveau design Material Theming

google-maps-630x473 (1).jpg

ors de la Google I/O 2018, Google a dévoilé le Material Theming, le successeur du Material Design. Il s’agit des nouvelles consignes de outline livrées standard la firme de Mountain View. Celles-ci gardent les mêmes fondamentaux que le Material Design, mais incitent à in addition to de créativité et de personnalisation de la part des architects et développeurs d’application.

Les applications de Google devraient, selon toutes vraisemblances, être les premières à profiter du Material Theming. Et il semblerait que ce soit Maps qui ouvre le bal. Le géant du web testicle en effet un nouveau plan sur child application de cartographie, mais seule une poignée d’utilisateurs y ont droit pour l’instant.

Nouveau configuration pour Google Maps

9to5Google a pu mettre la primary sur des catches d’écran illustrant ce changement de outline. Les alterations sont légères, mais intéressantes. Sur la form actuelle, lorsque vous cherchez une adresse, un panneau apparait au bas de l’écran et indique le nom du lieu, la moyenne des avis laissés standard les utilisateurs et quelques raccourcis vers Street View, Itinéraires et Plus d’infos.

Sur le nouveau plan, on peut voir que le nom du lieu est écrit dans la police de caractères Google Sans. Au-delà de ça, on voit in addition to de boutons aux edges désormais arrondis. Itinéraire est toujours présent, mais les touches Appeler et Partager apparaissent désormais dans la barre inférieure.

Davantage d’informations sur l’adresse recherchée sont aussi affichées dans cette même barre telles que le temps de trajet que cela vous prendra pour y aller avec votre mode de transport habituel, le write d’endroit dont il s’agit (parc, grounds… ) ainsi que les horaires d’ouvertures pour certains lieux.

uste au-dessus de la fameuse barre, Google Maps affiche parfois un carrousel d’images du lieu. Le raccourci vers Street View est toujours présent.

Ces changes s’inscrivent dans la logique qui anime le Material Theming. Cela dit, il se peut que l’on doive patienter quelque temps avant de voir arriver cette nouvelle form sur la plupart des terminaux. En chaperon, vous pouvez toujours consulter notre entretien avec un originator d’applications Android pour en savoir in addition to à ce sujet.

Enfin, rappelons que lors de la Google I/O de nouvelles fonctionnalités ont été présentées pour Google Maps. L’application va accueillir des informations reprise in addition to personnalisées et des choices de réalité augmentée.

Sea of Thieves’ updates will focus on new maps, not perks

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Approach a Sea of Thieves player for dissensions and they’ll likely have one basic topic: there’s insufficient to do. You can just uncover such a significant number of fortunes on similar islands. What’s more, Rare knows it. The engineer has point by point content gets ready for the initial a while after dispatch, incorporating a move in needs. While Rare had discussed including pets and ship captaincy at an opportune time, those highlights are “on a low priority status” as the organization centers around including more crude gameplay, including maps, adversaries and occasions.

The primary influx of new material touches base in May, including The Hungering Deep (which centers around “another AI danger” and an exceptional occasion) and week after week occasions that bring “new mechanics” and prizes. In the mid year, you’ll get both another ship compose through Cursed Sails and in addition another district in Forsaken Shores. Both of those later updates will by and by hurl in new gameplay elements, AI adversaries and prizes.

Uncommon was mindful so as to caution that its designs would stay “liquid,” yet kept up that all new substance will be free. It wouldn’t like to part the player base, and that implies guaranteeing that everybody is in agreement.

This won’t really alter your opinion in the event that you weren’t at that point slanted to swashbuckling. Be that as it may, it’s an affirmation of a repeating issue we’ve seen with amusements like Destiny 2: when the experience revolves around helpful play, you require a constant flow of new substance to keep players intrigued. A decent fundamental idea will just go up until this point if gamers have no motivation to return.

Maps provide new insight into the level of destruction caused by Hurricane Harvey

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A couple of new maps from the Episcopal Health Foundation give new knowledge into how dangerous Hurricane Harvey was to the Houston region.

The intelligent maps, which were distributed Tuesday morning and intend to gauge the adequacy of help endeavors, depend on the quantity of affirmed applications from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s social powerlessness record.

“Social helplessness alludes to the flexibility of groups when faced by outside weights on human wellbeing, stresses, for example, characteristic or human-caused catastrophes, or malady flare-ups,” the establishment states on its site. “Lessening social helplessness can diminish both human enduring and financial misfortune.”

The results depict a developmental case more fluid than the one portrayed in various perusing material, says structures specialist Sean Megason of Harvard Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts. “Things are going ahead at different conditions, once in a while speedier than we expanded in esteem,” he says. “There is as often as possible considerably more a continuum of cell states.”

The work, depicted by Megason and others in three papers conveyed on 26 April in Science1,2,3, will help experts to track key developmental stages, and to uncover the techniques that add to particular conditions, for instance, a psychological irregularity or tumor. 33% of each and every neurological disease at first appear in the midst of progression, says Sten Linnarsson, a neuroscientist at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm. “Additionally, they in all probability happen early.”

Researchers have endeavored to make such quality verbalization maps, however for quite a while they could simply focus on a single quality or a humble bundle of cells. Mechanical advances in DNA sequencing and PC computations now empower scientists to separate the surge of thousands of characteristics in a lone cell. This has begun a race to apply the frameworks in developmental science. Last July, for example, the Paul G. Allen Frontiers Group, an investigation action arranged in Seattle, Washington, pronounced that it would give US$10 million over four years to wanders that harness such procedures to make maps of cell change.

The zones with the most astounding number of endorsed FEMA applications yet a low helplessness record were the groups in and around Summerwood and Dyersdale in North Houston. These people group have in excess of 500 government help applications.

Incredibly detailed embryo maps chart each cell’s developmental fate


Meticulous genomic investigations of thousands of individual cells in frogs and fish have yielded the most definite guides yet graphing an incipient organism’s adventure from a solitary cell to a full grown creature.

The outcomes portray a formative example more liquid than the one depicted in numerous reading material, says frameworks researcher Sean Megason of Harvard Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts. “Things are going on at various circumstances, now and then speedier than we increased in value,” he says. “There is frequently even more a continuum of cell states.”

The work, portrayed by Megason and others in three papers distributed on 26 April in Science1,2,3, will help specialists to track key formative stages, and to reveal the procedures that add to specific conditions, for example, a mental imbalance or tumor. 33% of every single neurological malady initially show up amid advancement, says Sten Linnarsson, a neuroscientist at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm. “Also, they most likely happen very early.”

Scientists have attempted to make such quality articulation maps, however for a long time they could just spotlight on a solitary quality or a modest bunch of cells. Mechanical advances in DNA sequencing and PC calculations now enable researchers to break down the outflow of thousands of qualities in a solitary cell. This has started a race to apply the systems in formative science. Last July, for instance, the Paul G. Allen Frontiers Group, an exploration activity situated in Seattle, Washington, declared that it would give US$10 million more than four years to ventures that bridle such strategies to make maps of cell improvement.

Allon Klein, a frameworks scholar at Harvard Medical School, needed to make those sorts of nitty gritty maps when he initially began working out strategies for sequencing RNA from single cells in 2012. Be that as it may, they were viewed as outlandish at the time, he says. “The scene now is very not the same as where it was the point at which we began.”